Thursday, 3 January 2013

Thursday, January 03, 2013 0 Comments

As its my first review I thought I would write about my absolute favorite perfume at the moment! Loverdose by DIESEL comes in this really cute purple toned bottle that can lay flat or on its side, so it's a perfect little display for your dressing table. It comes in a 30ml and a 50ml bottle at the price of £34.50 (30 ml) and £47.50 (50ml)- from the perfume shop. As far as I'm aware it's available at many other relaters and pretty widely available. I LOVE this fabulous fragrance for winter with its really warming notes of woody tones and vanilla. It has great lasting power and doesn't get that old musky smell that some perfumes do over time throughout the day. This really fruity fragrance is sweet, soft and spicy with the hint of orange that tips it over the top!

The Loverdose fragrance also comes in this cute handbag sized bottle in a set along with a fragrant shower gel and hand cream; which I shall be reviewing alongside this post once I've tried it all out!

Alice xo