Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I bought this ring about a year ago now in H&M and this week I am loving it! 
I wore this out to a meal a few days ago and I rediscovered my love for how bold it is..Minty blues/greens are my favourite colour this summer and this ring is the perfect example, and who doesn't love a bit of contrast?

So this week I'm loving making a statement! 

What are you loving this week?

As you probably know by now...I'm one for finding hidden inexpensive gems that I love..and I hope you'll love too!
I suffer really badly with enlarged pores and I find myself exfoliating the hell out of my face on a more than regular basis..which as we all know..isn't so great if done too often.

I often find myself in a vicious circle with my skin..if i don't exfoliate as often as I do my skin doesn't have that healthy glow that I love..and my pores get soooo clogged up, the majority of the time leading to breakouts BUT as I scrub my skin so often, I have a lot of redness...but heres the thing..not anymore!

I found this Dead Sea Clay Mask in Superdrug for the mere price of 99p..Although I haven't actually tried this face mask before I love putting a face mask on once in a while and giving my skin a well deserved treat..considering the price of this face mask I really wasn't expecting much but OH MY was I wrong..I think I may have quite possibly found the answer to my pore queries. This stuff REALLY got into my skin..I could feel it working as it unclogged my pores as well as being super cool and refreshing. 

Once I rinsed the face mask off my skin felt amazing..it was super soft, my pores were completely unclogged and believe it or not..they actually felt and appeared tighter! I had the healthy and clean glow to my skin that I love and it felt divine! 

If you do suffer from ...
Enlarged pores
The look/feel like imperfections
Blemish prone cheeks/nose/forehead like I do..I highly recommend you try this..I usually hate telling people what to buy..but at 99p..I'll let myself off 

If you would like to see a start to finish review of this product please let me know..I can't say I'd mind having an excuse to kick back with a face mask on! 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I don't know about you but my house is SO excited about the royal baby being born, Kate and Wills just looked absolutely perfect walking out of the hospital! Reminiscing on old posts I remembered how much I loved doing my 'inspired posts' so what better way than to get off the starting block again with an inspiration from the royal baby boy! 

Looking for these little lovilies made me realise how much of a fab colour blue is for summer..I think I may have to nap the mint blue skirt and blazer! 

What would be on your baby blue list this summer?

Alice xxx

Saturday, 20 July 2013

I'm not going to do a review on these lipstick on this post..but please let me know if you'd like to see one!
This month I'm loving fresh and bright colours on my lips, and these are the colours that I'm reaching for! Each colour is really light weight and wearable..be brave and wear red this summer!

Shade 1- MUA this is a sweet light coral colour, probably the most wearable of the bunch if you're not a fan of bright lipsticks
Shade 2- MUA this is a orangey toned light red. I LOVE this colour, It's such a dupe for many mac shades. Although obviously the quality is lower..for the price, its fab! I've been wearing this every day this week!

Shade 3- Misguided Lipstain this again is a really bright colour, however with much more of a sheen. The colour is a vivid pink/purple
It's been so so hot recently and my hairs so thich and long that it gets in the way, and its such a pain while I'm trying to cool down! 
I've found myself going straight to this style now when it gets too hot! I think this is going to be what I rock on the beach! 

Obviously this is a very rough list as I'm saving up my pennies and doing my holiday shop with my boyfriend all in one go..but these..these are LUSH!
I can't lie though..as a beauty budget blogger I would be lying to myself to say that I'm not going to raid primark..but I have to say, Primark you are SO on point at the moment! 

What things are on your holiday shopping lists? I'd love it if you let me know!
Alice xxx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How cool are these little bad boys! My mum commented the other day that I looked like someone out of the film nowhere boy..and I must say I felt very complimented, I absolutely love that style!

These beauties were actually from Primark at an amazing £2.50! Bargain buy! And I have to say they don't feel or look cheap! So that's decided, this week I'm loving, Primark Sunglasses!

Alice xxx

Firstly I'd like to thank the lovely http://missfashionlicious1.blogspot.co.uk for nominating me! Go check out her blog!

7 things about me!

❤ I drink about 6/7 cups of tea every day..but don't worry, it's decaf!

❤ My favourite animal in the world are cats, and I have a lovely little cat called Kiki

❤ I have a boyfriend called Ollie who I've been with since I was the mere age of 15! Who I absolutely adore!

❤ Im actually only 5'1

❤ I adore tattoo's and piercings..and I have quite a hearty collection

❤ I'm an aspiring makeup artist and when I finish sixth form I plan to go on and do a degree in makeup artistry, specialising in film art and prosthetics 

❤ And last but not least I have an unhealthy obsession with anything and everything Pandora! 

And I nominate...


Thursday, 11 July 2013

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The firs thing I will have to say about this product is the thickness of it..if you suffer from dry skin and really can't seem to find anything that works for you..THIS is what you need! 

Personally, I find this just that bit too heavy for my skin for a 'day time' moisturiser and I'm a bigger fan of the night cream..however the very good thing about the day cream is that is contains an SPF which is very very important! 

The smell of this stuff really is pleasant however I find it took some time to dry and soak into my skin and left it feeling quite greasy .which isn't the best thing when I'm waiting to do my makeup...however on a lighter note if you do suffer from very dry skin (which I do in the winter particularly in my nose area) I would very, very much recommend this product

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Especially around my nose and forehead area I often suffer from really dry skin..and this is literally the only thing I have found that I can really feel getting into my skin..and working! As you can see from the bottle the forumla is a light weighted, whipped gel with what I can only presume is serum whipped inside? The gel isn't heavy on the face so I would actually be able to wear it at night 

This product has a sort of creamy smell? Nothing to in your face..which is always good as it's something that goes on your face..

You can leave this mask on for 5-15 minutes..or however long you want really, I've left it on for an hour before for a really intense mask when my T-zone was super, super dry. Although I find after a while the stuff tends to sting my sensitive skin..maybe it's just me..let me know if anyone else has tried this and feels the same!

Apart from the slight stinking sensation the pro's very much out weigh the con's..the formular is subtly creamy smelling, the light whipped forumar is a dream to apply (and look at!) The bottle looks so cute in my bathroom cupboard and the mask is a lovely little 'me time' treat! Although expensive at £14..this is my dry skin saviour, go to product and if the product ever runs out (it seems never ending) I will be re-purchasing!

Has anyone else tried this? Let me know if you have!

Alice xxx

I have the thickest hair..ever! Since I've been growing it out recently and its gotten pretty long now, I really suffer from the dreaded frizz, especially now its getting hotter! I hope my little holy grail list of hair tamers and products helps out you girls that like me, have a lions mane of hair!

The products shown above are available in boots/superdrug/amazon mainly..I'm pretty sure I bought my dove shampoo and conditioner from Tesco..and for the quality it's so inexpensive..I haven't used another brand for months! 

Although I'm not actually reviewing these products in particular in this post..please feel free to let me know if theres anything on here you'd like to see individually reviewed...or even shown how to use/what it is! 

Products mentioned: 

Alice xx

As you may or may not, makeup is much more my thing! I want to start re-creating looks in different styles..this look is super quick and simple and one I'm thinking about doing..what do you guys think?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Benefit Stay Flawless 15 hour primer
Barry M- Blue Moon
Collection 2000 lipstick- Sweet Tart
Rimmel London Apocalips 
Dove- Nourishing Oil Leave-in Conditioning Spray 

I am a MASSIVE fan of Rimmel, and I find for a high street brand their products always pay off..and off and off! 
Their lipsticks have always been a favourite of mine and a side from the Kate Moss range, they are probably my favourite line of lipstick from the entire Rimmel collection.

The packaging is a fab deep and vibrant purple with the iconic Rimmel London crown on the top side; which always makes a change from the plain black which is a winner for me..

With regards to colour and colour pay off, this lipstick is completely fab! The colour is bright and pretty much a match to the swatch seen on the tube, and the name 'Colar Queen' is cute! Its a sheer, really moisturising texture that glides onto the lips..I really struggle to find lipsticks that don't dry out my lips, but I have to say this one is a winner! I tested it through out a whole day at school and found myself reapplying only twice, once after lunch and once after a cuppa..although I have to admit the rea-pplicated after my cuppa was just because it is a joy to put on..there was no need to reapply..so again, staying power is a winner! From boots the lipstick is an inexpensive £6.49..which as a budget beauty blogger is always a win for me!

This swatch is after a couple of swipes of the lipstick and I'm so glad the smooth and heavenly smooth consistency showed up on my hand to show you all! As you can see the colour is gorgeous and I feel it really suited my skin tone, and looks lovely with a hint of coral/peach blush, perfect for summer!

Pros: Long wearing

Gorgeous, silky application
Intense colour pay off
Non Drying
Cons: Application can be a bit of a faf, the colour is quite strong once applied can I found it tended to smudge quite easily before it set onto my lips

Overall Rating: 8.5/10...I highly recommend!