Monday, 25 August 2014

You can pick Coconut Oil up from pretty much anywhere, I get mine from amazon for something like £3.30, which considering how many uses it has it a pretty darn good deal! It comes in solid form, and all I do to get it to its oily loveliness is rub is around in the palms of my hands for a few seconds and its all ready to go! 

Use Coconut Oil on your scalp: This ones a bit of a messy one! If you suffer with dry skin on your scalp, smoother it in coconut oil when you've got a spare hour before you need to jump into the shower, really make sure you wash it out properly as you can look like you've not washed in weeks, even if you leave the slightest bit at your scalp (learnt from past experience...) and hey presto, much less dry skin on your scalp, it should improve dandruff too

Use it as a Hair Mask: Melt it in the palms of your hands and generouslly apply it all over your hair, or as I personally do just to the dry and frizzy ends, I've found it to be a really nice deep repair treatment that actually works. It leaves your poor old ends looking and feeling much happier

Use it on your Skin: The smell might seem slightly sickly sweet to some, but again, melt this in your palms, or you could even melt a small amount in the microwave if you're putting it all over to save time and use the oil instead of your normal body lotion. It leaves my skin feeling really soft. I sometimes get really dry and itchy skin on the insides of my arms etc and I find it really helps soothe the dry skin there.

Use if before a night out: Or whenever you want super fit looking shiny legs!

Use it on your nails: After you've painted your nails, pop a bit of this on the cuticles, one it acts as a treatment for them, not that I can say I actually bother with all that...but it does look like you've just had your nails done professionally as it leaves that 'wet, shiny' look around your nails

Use it as a body scrub: Kinda sounds contradictory after me telling you how soft it makes you feel, but mix this with equal parts of sugar and lemon and you've got yourself a "free" body scrub, which will make you feel silky smooth in the long run!

Drink it? Maybe... I have read on many occasions that you can drink coconut oil alone, or add it to the blender when you're making a smoothie, personally I haven't tried this, but knock yourself out if you're not a wimp like me!

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Being okay

Saturday, August 23, 2014 2 Comments
*Queue the most personal post I will probably ever write*

Being okay with you, and who you are is something I'm sure we all come to terms with eventually, and as the wise of Rafiki would say, the past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it. 

Sometimes things happen, and somethings lots of things happen, and it may feel tempting to sit and dwell, to think up and make up reasons as to why these things happen, and why they happen to you. Sadly, cancer is paying its second, unwelcome visit into our house in the past 3 years again at the moment, it won't be here for long, and it sure as hell won't be here forever, but at the moment is here to stay. Some people say that you're given things in life to test you, or that you're dealt the hand you're dealt and thats just something you've got the learn to live with. In my eyes, things in life are thrown at you, good and bad and sometimes they can make you feel as low as low can get, and the temptation to give up and throw in the towel seems like a welcome idea, but shit doesn't work like that. If you change nothing, nothing will change, if you sit on the fence in life and use your past experiences as excuses not to be the best person you can be, wake up and make shit happen. 

The things life throws at you may shape you as a person, but happiness really does depend on you and only you, good things don't come to those who wait, good things come to those who get up when you seriously feel like sitting down, and making shit happen.

Friday, 22 August 2014

As like most people, I won't say no to a little bit of Soap and Glory but I can't say I've ever branched out from the realms of body butters and lotions, until now. I purchased the Peaches and Clean Cleanser after reading a few decent reviews and since getting so sick of the pesky little spots that just keep popping up uninvited on my face. 

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with it. I'm a makeup wipe fiend, which I know is something I probably should have grown out of by now...about time I stop being so lazy and reaching for the trusty green simple packet! This cleanser claims to be 'deep purifying' which credit where credit it due, as it does remove all my makeup after a few scrubs. Don't get my wrong I do have to use a fair amount of product and have to repeat the step a few times in order to get all my makeup off, however I do wear quite a bit of eye makeup so what can you do! Just to note though, if you do like to rock fab eye makeup on an everyday basis, bare it in mind that you have to really work the cleanser in. Time wise, I can't say it's taking more time that a makeup wipe would, many a time have I used multiple makeup wipes to remove Benefit mascara! 

With regards to how it works for my actual skin, I have noticed it has been clearing up! I don't want to say its down to this, as what works for me may not work for you but so far so good on that front; which for me is a massive plus and I will be repurchasing this when I run out. I've only had peaches and clean now for about a week, which sadly isn't enough time to clear everything up...but we shall see!

The smell isn't a massive deal for me, the name kinda gives it away, it smells peachy. For me personally, I think it smells exactly like peach schnapps...which I try not to think about after the amount of peach schnapps I drank on my girls holiday earlier this summer...

Overall, this cleansing milk gets a big thumbs up from me, it feels lovely and soothing and creamy on my skin (please bare in mind me skin isn't too sensitive, I have read reviews that say this isn't the best for sensitive skin!) 
I'm really enjoying using it, and the work its doing on my skin. At £8.00 per bottle, it's not the cheapest cleanser on the market, but not the most expensive either.

I hope you're all well and staying lovely,
Alice xxx

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Dupe Alert

I've been using Rimmel Stay Matte for a long long time now, since I was about 13/14, as I'm sure all of you know, its fab...but I think I've found something better!
The new(ish) Maybelline 24hr Stay Powder is seriously, seriously good. Amazing coverage for a powder, comparable to Studio Fix Powder from Mac, not so great range of colours, but brilliant staying powder and shine control. I can go out in the morning and my face makeup looks pretty much perfect when I get home. This stuff is great in the t-zone or all over if you want really full coverage that will last all day, this powder literally makes me look like a doll when I wear it all over I love it! Because of its great coverage, do be aware its not a very 'natural' looking powder, I would say it does feel heavier on the skin than Rimmel Stay Matte but for me, that feeling stops bothering me when all my makeup sets. I'm currently using Mac Pro Longwear Foundation and when paired with this powder, I'm good to go!

Boots £5.99