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Benefit- Bene Tint. Although for a cheek and lip tint this is quite expensive, I absoloutly love the stuff! The colour is so strong and a little goes a long way. The tint gives the lips a sublte shine, and the cheeks a dewy glow!

Orange..or should I say Coral!

Again, from Benefit, Cha Cha Tint. This was the first Benefit product I actually got bought for me when I mum introduced me to the brand a few years ago, and I still love it! The PERFECT Coral splash to your face

Not only one of the only yellow things I could find..which is odd because I love yellow! But this really is one of my go to products on a 'washed hair' basis. I apply this (sparingly) to my hair, focusing on the ends where my hair is the driest. I've been using this for a couple of months now and I can totally tell the difference, it leaves my hair feelings soft, looking shiny and really does make a difference to the health of it!


I just couldn't choose one! Maybe all the best products come in green..


Again, I just couldn't choose one and at the moment I am absolutely loving blue nails! 


I currently have my hair in an Ombre' style..but true to my heart im a blondie! I've been bleach blonde for years and I swear by this stuff as my ends are still at the same colour. This is a toner by Pro-Voke which is the best I've found..Bye bye brassy!

And finally..Pink (not really in the rainbow but my favourite brand is all in pink!) 

Soap and Glory- Righteous Body Butter..A..MA..ZING!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Hangover 3 has recently been released in the UK and I am so excited to see it! I've loved all the previous Hangover films and hopefully this one will live up to its expectations! 

The last Hangover is set in Las Vegas, which to me, screams red, black and glamour! I've put together a little fashion and style piece influenced by the upcoming film and set! 

After all, who doesn't love a bit of glitz and glam?

It's the little touches that count..

Friday, 24 May 2013


As far as I'm aware this is a tester size of the product that I am using at the moment because I have ran out of my regular size tube and I haven't had the chance to get out and buy some more with exams and what not :( boohoo! This is a 'pore minimizer' refining lotion, from the well known English brand, Clinique. I suffer from enlarged pores due to my oily/combination skin, as does my mum and we swear by this for a smooth, even foundation application! The one thing I would change about this product however is the smell, in my opinion its quite strong. It doesn't linger on the face, however when applying the product, you can slightly smell it, but that might be just me! 

The formula is a creamy, white sort of cream and blends instantly. I would say there is little, if any colour pay off to the product, however I have it in 'Invisible Bright' which is probably why! The product is also available in 'Invisible Light' and 'Invisible deep'- I found the best one to go for, for me personally is the 'Invisible Bright'- as the colour range is lacking and I think this is the safest option 

On my skin, the lotion is quite brightening, and really does conceal enlarged pores if used regularly and blended well. The forumla is non-drying a light, so can be worn alone, under a primer/foundation-without any 'discomfort' or annoyance. With regards to allergeries, all Clinique products state they are allergy tested, and so far I can vouch for their claim as neither my mum or I have had any problems with the products on our skin.

As you can see from the blended swatch on my hand, the finish is seemingly invisiable and non cakey. I find this refiner really works for my skin and after a long period of use, I struggle much less with my foundation staying on my skin in oily areas and the very well known problem of blocked and visible pores! 
I hope this helps anyone who was considering a pore refiner or simply wanted some more information! 
Do you know any other products that work for you? 

1. 'Vember' Orange Colour Block Lace Dress £149- also available in Yellow and Stone Grey
2. 'Alima' Sleeveless Pleated Collar and Back Top- £89
3. 'Janne' Two-tone Large Quilted Tote Bag-£140
4. 'Amma' Cropped Collarless Jacket with Contrast Piping Detail-£299
5. 'Keekey' Waffle Jersey Sleeveless and Belted Playsuit- £149
6. 'Sua' Leather Opulent Bloom Print Matinee Purse-£99

"When you wish upon a star!"

Thursday, 23 May 2013

As you may know from my recent blog post on an MUA eyeshadow palette I love the brand! The quality of the makeup really does exceed the price, however there are some hit and misses! The lipstick collection are all priced at £1.00 which is amazing! And so far the lipsticks in the collection that I've purchased so far seem to defiantly a hit!

The lipsticks that I'm reviewing are : Shade 2
Shade 6
Shade 7

Shade 8

Shade 9
Shade 13
and Shade 15
This is Shade 15 in 'Juicy' with regards to the lipsticks I have so far this seems to be the only one with a name, which is such a shame as | love it when lipsticks have names! This shade is quite drying compared to the rest of the lipsticks, however nothing a little bit of lip balm can't sort out! I'd say this colour will suit lighter skin tones but it really is a lovely peachy orangey colour, perfect for a light bronzed makeup look!

This swatch is of Shade 7, which seems to be quite simular to Shade 15. I think this is the most 'wearable' colours in my collection, I really do love it. For a £1.00 lipstick is isn't at all drying and really is a pleasure to wear. Like Shade 15, it has peachy, orangey undertones which looks lovely with a warm coraly blush!

This swatch is of Shade 8, which is in a lovely, shimmery pink 'under toned' red. Again is a pleasure to wear a guides on nicely onto the lips

I absolutely love this colour! This swatch is of shade 13, and its the perfect bright red, I can't believe these lipsticks are only £1.00! Its a lovely orangey red which is a really current lipstick this season and I hope it stays that way!

This is the lightest, most subtle of the colours that I have from the collection. I wouldn't say its the lest pigmented as the colour is lovely, but the solution of the lipsticks just seem 'lighter' 

This will make your lips pop! It's a rich, pretty, berry toned pink that sits on the lips like velvet, its quite long lasting for a £1.00 lipstick, which carries throughout the entire collection. The subtle hint of shimmer that this lipstick has isn't consistant in the other lipsticks that I have so whether or not this is just in this lipstick or is meant to be in the entire collection I'm unsure! 

Overall, these lipsticks really are good for their amazing £1.00 price, I highly recommend them! 
Please feel free to comment for any questions you may have or just general comments you may have too! xxx
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Bold stripes are all over the catwalks and high street this spring and I must say I'm quite a fan! Although sometimes I find stripes hard to work with, I love making a bold statement, I think the yellow checked blouse from Topshop is going to be first new Spring/Summer 2013 stripes buy! 
All items shown are taken from the shops websites, shops include:

River Island
 MUA is an affordable English Makeup Brand sold in Superdrug and on their online store
This is my 'go to' palette at the moment as I find myself reaching for it on a daily basis, the wide range of neutral colours include matt and shimmers, so the look can go from a day to night in the matter of a brush stroke!
The golden shimmers are rich and warm, and the browns are deep enough to create a dramatic cut crease or corner eye contour with little effort and a big pay out! For the amazing, mind boggling price of £4.00 (Superdrug) ?!?! This palette is a must have! The colour pay out and pigmentation is way over what you pay for, and I personally love the brand MUA, and this palette is one of their many successes! 

Shade 1 is a matte, pearly white, perfect for the inner corner

Shade 2 is beautiful, its a much more pinky, shimmering pearl

Shade 3 is a mattte, more golden colour, a great base

Shade 4 is where the beautiful golds begin, again with a hint of shimmer

Shade 5 is a simular tone to shade 4, but the colour is more intense through the matte finish that it gives

Shade 6 is my favourite in the palette! Its a beautiful rich gold, perfect for adding a hint of glamrous gorgeous shimmer that I tend to put in the centre of my lid

Shade 7 is a darker Shade 6, equally as beautiful, and if worn together it creates a fab and glam cut crease

Shade 8 is where all the fun begins! This semi-matte colour sits perfectly against these colours in the crease or outer corner of the eye

 Shade 9 is completley gorgeous! In the palette it looks slightly 'pinkish' but once on skin the colour is almost rose gold, FAB!

Shade 10 goes back to the darker tones of shades 7 and 8, this colour too looks beautiful worked with with shimmery gold tones in the palette, this colour too is semi-matte

 Shade 11 appears slightly blue in the palette, and it does blend out onto the skin to a beautifully blue-toned grey with a subtle shimmer! Perfect for that sultry smokey look!

And shade 12! Sadly my swatch picture doesn't look quite the same as the colour in the palette, but hey ho! This palette seems to be a full of suprises once the colours are on skin! Again Shade 12 too is perfect for a more dramatic smokey eye look, or could be blended out for a subtle cut crease or eye corner counter to create a 50's pin up girl look teamed with a flawless matte face and your favourite red lipstick!

1. Sleek: True Colour Lipstick in 'Mystic'
2. Garnier Summer Body Lotion (I use Light/Medium)
3. Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer (Again, I use Light/Medium)
4. Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm (this is amazing and smells so yummy!) 
5. You can buy these from anywhere and everywhere at the moment, but this sea blue coloured wooden skull bracelet is from Ebay. I typed 'wooden skull bracelet' 
6. Barry M- Gelly Hi Shine Nail paint- Coral
7. Bodyshop Body Butter-Strawberry (nice enough to eat!)
8. River Island- Neon Yellow Skater Skirt- Check out my post on the black and yellow trend for more lovely buys simular to this 
I so far have all these products/items and I highly recommenced them to look gorgeous and smell even yummier with your new sweet strawberry smell and purple polished pout! 
Bold bold bold and more bold!
It's all about the bold sunglasses this summer..when the sun finally comes out!
Find these cute little sets on 
and River Island

I am LOVING black and yellow for the spring/summer transition! Although its sadly not that warm at the moment in rainy old England as I find myself wearing my winter coat in mid-may, I can't handle my excitement for the summer weather and fashion much longer! Yellow has always been a favourite colour of mine so I'm super excited to seeing it as an upcoming trend alongside the classic little black number! 
Here I've put together a little selection of some lovely little items I've found on one of my many online searches! From shops- Topshop
River Island
Miss Selfridge
I think the colour yellow really pops its most against the classic black cami or boot and I can't wait to start buying!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

 I can't say I've ever tried any sort of makeup from accessorize before, and to be quite honest..I wasn't fully aware that they made lipstick! Anyway..

 There were a really wide variety of  light dark and neutral shades to choose from but since I've been looking for a deep berry toned lipstick for a long time I went with Shade 6-PASSIONATE

In my opinion, the packaging that this lipstick comes in is so lovely, the label is the original accessorize logo with the cute little crown, but I think the cute floral outside wrapping is a cute little touch- really different against the typical black packaging of regular lipsticks! The one down side to the packaging however is the fact the whole tube is made from cardboard- which I can see getting bashed a bit in the depths of my makeup bag! But that really is the one critique that I have regarding the general appearance
 of the lipstick. 

Before you all run and hide..the lipstick appears MUCH darker in the tube! I swatched the lipstick with the tester in the shop and loved home opened it up, and really did get a shock! But once I had opened the lipstick and swatched it once more with a little bit of blending out, all was well again! I do adore this new lipstick..I think it's going to be my new 'go to' bold statement for my lips. It is quite a dark colour once I would choose wisely regarding eye makeup and in particular, the tone and shimmers in face makeup. So far I have found this colour to work really well with a muted pink blush but I'm sure it would work to with a hint of golden bronzer to the cheeks! 

I don't find this lipstick drying at all, but I do always add my coco butter lip balm before any lipstick or lip gloss application. I find with darker colours, this is a must to ensure that the colour is saturated on the lips, and doesn't dry up close to the edges or not appear at all in the center of the lip.

I personally think this colour will work better with lighter skin tones, as it really is a dark berry/plum purple colour. 

I do prefer the colour once blended, and as you can see from the swatch the lipstick is blissfully smooth and a pleasure to wear on the lips! The formula really isn't drying at all and has a muted sheen finish.
On a whole I really do love this lipstick, and would highly recommend it for anyone who either loves a bold, dark lip colour or to anyone who's feeling a little daring and wants to try out a new look! This lipstick was £5.00 from accessorize itself, so a lovely little, affordable change to your everyday makeup look!