Saturday, 25 January 2014

I received this little package in this month's glossy box..woopiee! 
I vaguely remember trying a body scrub from this brand before so I can't really claim myself to be a massive fan, but I was super impressed with these under eye patches! 
Although I'm a beauty blogger and avid fan of everything hair and beauty, I'm really bad at eye stuff..eye cream, treatments whatever, I have to be honest, I don't use it; so I guess I was using these as an 'eye patch virgin' but never the less, I was super impressed!
You get 2 sets in the pack, they feel really weird when you first put them on, like a second, cold and wet under eye skin (really selling these here aren't I!)...but once you get over the first few minutes you can completely relax with them. 
You leave them on for half an hour, I sat with them for a little longer watching 24 hours in A&E and felt very relaxed indeed! 
These patches claim to reduce dark circles, puffiness and restore moisture. I don't really suffer from dark circles too badly, but defiantly have puffy under eyes and normal/dry skin and I have to say these really did the trick.  
I looked refreshed, felt refreshed, I would highly recommend these for a little under eye pamper and I will be repurchasing! 

Although I was lucky enough to get these in January's glossy box, which has had a beautiful makeover, you can get these as ASOS for £6.00...Bargain! 

What's your favourite eye pamper treat?

Saturday, 11 January 2014

For those of you who don't know, Fragrance Direct is an online company offering unmissable savings on gorgeous brands. Fragrance direct offer makeup, hair and beauty products for as low as 99 pence! read that right, makeup for 99p! 

Here are a few of my picks from their online store.
Daisy by Marc Jacobs £53.95
Rimmel Glam Eyes 0.99. One in every colour please! 
Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick £1.99 
Calvin Klien Luxury Creme Lipstick £1.99 
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow £1.50 
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hand Treatment, great for these cold days we're getting this January! £3.99 
Rimmel Duo Eyeshadow £0.99

All those with a purse friendly saving of £48.06! 
Why don't you check out the gorgeous products and savings for yourself?

I recently won a Mac Lipstick from the gorgeous Amy (give her a follow!) at and it made me super, super happy so she inspired me to do one of my own!
I've been super lucky last year with my blog, and its finally taking shape and taking off! Heres to a successful blog year in 2014! Just to say a little thank you for the followers I have already and followers I may gain in the future, I'm giving away a MAC Lipstick of your choice, good luck!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Recently my skin has been very nice to me, which is always a good thing! I've been doing the same thing with the skin for a while now, so (fingers crossed) I think I've got some sort of routine that works for me! This is quite a different post for me, I have never actually studied 'beauty' and I'm not claiming to know much about skincare, as well..I don't! But this little routine has been working for me recently so if you give a few of these tips a go and they work, brill! 

Tip 1: I've been avoiding makeup wipes and making an effort to use a hydrating makeup remover, and man I'm never going back to wipes! I'm currently using Nivea Double Effect!  In the past, I've used Clinque 'Take the day off' which is nice too...does this call for a comparison post?

Tip 2: Drink some nice fruit tea! I hate Green Tea, which sucks because it's super good for you! So I've tried to drink more green tea..but with some nicer fruiter flavours!

Tip 3: Drink more water!!

Tip 4: Putting a really thick layer of a rich mousiter on just before a showering has made my skin super soft and hydrated

Tip 5: Lush's Cosmic Warrior..I have never been so impressed with a product after only one use! I'll be doing a whole review on this so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Tip 6: Make your own exfoliant. I make mine with sugar, lemon juice and garlic puree. I don't know if its the fact it's got no crappy chemicals in..but this has really been working for me! 

Tip 7: Pore strips! I don't quite know why I've never tried this before! 

Keep your eyes peeled for some more 'skin care' posts coming up very soon!