Thursday, 23 May 2013

MUA Lipstick Reviews and Swatches! Love lipsticks? How about £1.00 lipsticks?!

As you may know from my recent blog post on an MUA eyeshadow palette I love the brand! The quality of the makeup really does exceed the price, however there are some hit and misses! The lipstick collection are all priced at £1.00 which is amazing! And so far the lipsticks in the collection that I've purchased so far seem to defiantly a hit!

The lipsticks that I'm reviewing are : Shade 2
Shade 6
Shade 7

Shade 8

Shade 9
Shade 13
and Shade 15
This is Shade 15 in 'Juicy' with regards to the lipsticks I have so far this seems to be the only one with a name, which is such a shame as | love it when lipsticks have names! This shade is quite drying compared to the rest of the lipsticks, however nothing a little bit of lip balm can't sort out! I'd say this colour will suit lighter skin tones but it really is a lovely peachy orangey colour, perfect for a light bronzed makeup look!

This swatch is of Shade 7, which seems to be quite simular to Shade 15. I think this is the most 'wearable' colours in my collection, I really do love it. For a £1.00 lipstick is isn't at all drying and really is a pleasure to wear. Like Shade 15, it has peachy, orangey undertones which looks lovely with a warm coraly blush!

This swatch is of Shade 8, which is in a lovely, shimmery pink 'under toned' red. Again is a pleasure to wear a guides on nicely onto the lips

I absolutely love this colour! This swatch is of shade 13, and its the perfect bright red, I can't believe these lipsticks are only £1.00! Its a lovely orangey red which is a really current lipstick this season and I hope it stays that way!

This is the lightest, most subtle of the colours that I have from the collection. I wouldn't say its the lest pigmented as the colour is lovely, but the solution of the lipsticks just seem 'lighter' 

This will make your lips pop! It's a rich, pretty, berry toned pink that sits on the lips like velvet, its quite long lasting for a £1.00 lipstick, which carries throughout the entire collection. The subtle hint of shimmer that this lipstick has isn't consistant in the other lipsticks that I have so whether or not this is just in this lipstick or is meant to be in the entire collection I'm unsure! 

Overall, these lipsticks really are good for their amazing £1.00 price, I highly recommend them! 
Please feel free to comment for any questions you may have or just general comments you may have too! xxx