Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Confessions of a Concealaholic-Benifit

I absolutely LOVE this kit, I must say it's the best kit I've found so far on the market. 
Right..to the details:
This is an all in one concealing and brightening kit by Benifit. At £28.50 it isn't the concealing kit around, but it is most definitely worth the money.

Kit contains: “that gal” brightening face primer, boi-ing industrial strength concealer in 2 shades (01, 02) for custom concealing,erase paste (02 medium) brightening camouflage for eyes and face, lemon aid colour correcting eyelid primer, eye brightinstant eye brightener, concealer brushes and a step-by-step lesson.

'That gal' is a brightening face primer, the perfect base for creating a fresh, dewy look, particularly when applied to the nose and cheek area. I found it went on best after using your everyday moisturised but after waiting at least 5 MINUTES!
'Boi-ing' an AMAZING concealer. Shade (01) is the lightest shade, and shade (02) is a darker shade, however both can be blended evenly to suit most skin tones. 
'Erase Paste' is the kit's under eye concealer. I wouldn't recommenced this concealer for use on your face as the undertones in the concealer will mask dark under eye circles, however the orangey tones in the erase paste tend to almost amplify any red marks or blemishes on the face. However, brilliant for those tired eyes!

'Lemon aid' is the kit's colour correcting eye primer. Although this isn't my favourite of benefit's eye primer's it does do the job. I would say that the mixture is rather thick, however it is long wearing and really does enable your eye makeup to last through out the days and nights. I would say it's a better colour corrector than a primer. It feels slightly heavy on the eyes (might just be me) but it really cancels out the un wanted colours on your eyelids that can alter eyeshadow colours and pigmentation. 
And last but not least 'Eye Bright' I must say this has to be my favourite part of the kit. It really does work in an instant! The pink tones really mask un wanted blue circles around the eyes and add a brightening glow to your eyes that lasts all day long.


I would give this kit an 8/10, I would highly recommended this amazing kit!  Eye bright and Erase Paste are lovely little products that i wouldn't have bought the full versions of initially and this kit was a great way to try them.