Thursday, 4 June 2015

So lets get started by stating the obvious, this stuff is so super gentle on your skin it's divine, so if a bit like me and tend to be a little sensitive to some harsh products sometimes, keep on reading! This cleaner is in the form of a really creamy, almost butter like formula that literally melts your makeup away when you warm it up with your hands and massage it into your skin. This has left my skin feeling really fresh and clean. A slight downside for some, might be the fact that this cleaner does feel slightly greasy on the skin as it is SO buttery and soft, but I haven't found it to leave a greasy film on my face when I wash it off; which I do so just by running over my face with some face pads or a face cloth. I've found this to be great at removing all sorts of makeup, even Double Wear and They're Real mascara washed away; two products which I find notoriously hard to remove! The smell of this is super gentle too, it doesn't really smell of much; which personally for me is nice, I'm not a massive fan of having anything too offensive smelling on my face. 

This cleanser retails at £12, which is a mid range price point in my opinion, not too pricey but not too cheap so that may be something to bare in mind. I've found this cleaner to last me a good few months though at a time as a little does go a long way. Overall this cleaner has really helped in the effort to calm down my skin and help keep as many breakouts at bay as possible! 

Pros: Great at removing makeup
Very calming and nourishing, buttery consistency
Suitable (in my opinion) to use on the eyes for removing eye makeup too
Clean, simple smell
Doesn't dry out the skin

Cons: Slightly on the pricey side if you're used to paying £5/6 for your cleanser
Does feel slightly greasy on the skin, I can't really comment as my skin isn't overly oily but due to this, it might not be the most comfortable for you if you've got really oily skin 
Would need to follow up with a toner for super heavy makeup.

Hope you're well, Alice xxx