Monday, 21 October 2013

Well, I should probably start with apologising for the fact I'm not going to be finishing my repurchase month! I hope you've got something out of it for the time that I did do it, but being honest..I just got pretty bored of doing the same thing each post, especially when I have so many ideas on other posts that I'd love to do! 
I'm sure at some point I'll do a post on maybe my 'Top 10 Drugstore Repurchases' and maybe a 'High End Repurchases'! I think that will be much less boring! 

But on the other hand it was my birthday on Tuesday! Wooooo! I had a super good day, and finally turned 18!! I got abosoloutly spoilt by my friends, family and boyfriend and couldn't have wished for a better day! I'm probably not going to post all my presents on here..unless you want me to..let me know in the comment box below! BUT there are a few things that I am going to show you in some posts, so wait out for those in the very near future! 

If anyones had a birthday in last week or so I hope you has a super day too! 
Day 16: John Freda Frizz Ease Serum 

Honestly, this is the only serum that I've actually used or bought and I can't really recommend this enough! If anyone's ever asked me about a hair serum or anything about frizzy hair to tame and smooth it, this is the first product that pops into my head. 

I put this into my damp hair after slightly towel drying it and smooth it through from the middle, to the ends of my hair and since I've been using this, I hardly ever find myself trying to tame my frizz once it's all dried and ready to be styled or whatever I'm doing that day! 

 I will defiantly be buying this again and seriously recommend you give this a try if you have frizzy, course hair! Let me know if you try this and what you think! 
Day 15: Benefit Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation 

I last had this about a year ago, but I saw it when I went to boots a few days ago and I subconsciously reminded myself how well I got on with this foundation. It's a more expensive foundation at £25.50 but I would consider it to be worth that kind of money, and as you know I would never post about/recommend you give a product a look if I wouldn't pay that kind of money for it myself!

Anyway..This foundation is SPF 25, which through my experience of foundation, I consider to be pretty high, which is perfect as I wouldn't have to wear an SPF with this, which is always a plus! It claims that it's 'Brightening Makeup' and I would defiantly agree with that, it's pretty good coverage and has a really, really lovely finish!

Since seeing this in boots on the Benefit counter I think I'm going to have to treat myself to this with my next pay cheque! 

If you've used this before or simply just tried it, comment below and let me know what you think!
Day 14: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner/Reconstructor 

I'm probably not going to say much about this conditioner that you haven't heard before, but if you haven't or simply if you're after a decent deep conditioner that actually works, you really need to give this a go! 
I never really notice much shine in my hair because it's very thick and I have wavy/curls so yeah..BUT I can honestly say that it does 'Restore Manageability' I bought this for my holiday this summer where I know I'd be in the sun, in and out of the sea, sand in my hair..all that lovely stuff! I'm so glad I took this in my suitcase with me as it really helped detangle my hair and keep it from getting too dry from being in and out of the salt water!

I repurchased this after my holiday and used it for about a month with my Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner range and my hair felt super smooth, smelled super good and got itself back on track!

I highly recommend! 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Day 13: VO5 Plump It Up Backcombing Spray

First off, I'll just say I don't really get how this product works..but it does! It's a backcombing spray that seems to give me the volume I get from backcombing in a can..beautiful! 

I don't backcomb my hair all the time as I usually try and use products first before I reach for my comb, as my hair tangles so so quickly, and backcombing really doesn't help. Which is another plus side to his product as I haven't found it to be a tangle culprit yet! 

I'm a massive fan of VO5 products in general, especially the shampoos and conditioners they make, but I have to say this is a new favourite of mine and I will definatly be repurchasing! 

If you want, big volumious hair without the damage of backcombing, or simply a little 'pick me up' for your hair, give this a go at let me know what you think! 

I get this from my local Boots and its around £3! 
Day 12: Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks 

I have 3 of these lipsticks (001, 111, and 107) 2 of which I've bought twice! I just love these lipsticks, their consistency, the pigmentation is amazing for their price (they are around £5/6) but saying that, I think the quality of these lipsticks are beyond their price mark. 

I do love a matte lipstick as I feel they last on my lips for so much longer, and sometimes..I just prefer the look of them. 
I struggle so much with lipsticks lasting, but these really do and I'm very very impressed! The only thing is with these, if you can't stand the dry feeling on your lips that matte lipsticks give, you're probably not going to get on very well with these, they do feel quite drying..but if you're not too bothered about that, then you should be just as impressed as me! 

My favourite at the moment is 107 (in the picture above) I've been wearing it pretty much every day recently, it's a perfect colour for autumn/winter!

Have you tried any other lipsticks from the Kate Moss range? 
Day 11: L'oreal Matte and Messy Sea Salt Spray

Much like the fudge sea salt spray, this is quite a common repurchase with mine. I switch up between these two products for my hair as I find they work perfectly for me. I've been using this more than the Fudge one at the moment, simply because L'oreal products are on 3 for 2 so I bought 3 and stocked up! 
Whether I've got my hair up or down I spray a small amount of this on my hands and just scrunch it into my hair. It doesn't give a 'curly' look, but it definatly gives it some texture and body, which is always good! 

You can get this for around £2/3 in Boots, Superdrug, Tesco etc!

Which one do you prefer, have you tried both?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Day 10: Urban Fudge Sea Salt Spray 

I've used this on and off for a year or two now, switching between this and the L'oreal Matte and Messy salt spray, but regardless of which one I'm using at the time I would defiantly repurchase this. 

This spray is slightly more expensive than the L'oreal one (I'm going to do a post on both!) as 150ml of this is £6.99 at Superdrug, but still, I love this so I don't mind spending around £7 on it! 

But back to this spray! It gives a really nice wave to the hair. I use it when I'm just washing my hair and letting it dry naturally to help define my natural waves for a simple beach look! The only thing about this spray, is that is it quite drying, so be quite sparing when scrunching it on your hair, especially on the ends! 

Day 9: Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm sure that I've mentioned these two before, more than once..but I really can't recommend this shampoo and conditioner set enough! 
For reference I have very thick, long wavy/curly hair. My hair does sometimes frizz and I do dye and heat style my hair so it has been up against some serious heat! This is one of the only shampoo and conditioners I've found this year that works, and oh my does it work! 

These two in particular smell divine and they leave my hair looking smooth, as well as actually being smooth. Obviously nothing can reverse split ends, but I would say that this does a good job at smoothing out frizz and damage to some extend. 
And being all about budget beauty, this is certainly a winner with me as it comes in at around £2.99

I'm really interested in trying the intensive repair mask so keep an eye out for that post later on in the month! 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day 8: Moroccaniol Intensive Hair Treatment 

This is probably one of the most expensive items I'm going to talk about this month, but I wouldn't recommend anything to you that I wouldn't personally and honestly spend the money on myself. I have very thick, long hair that I have ombre'd. My hair gets very knotty, very easily..and using hair oils is such a little treat to my hair! 

I'm sure you've heard of this oil before as it was hyped about so much a few years ago, I'm pretty sure it's still hyped about now, it deserves it! I've been much nicer to my hair these past two years, and I can safely say it is very thankful for it and this little gem was very helpful in the process! It's one of those products that does what it says on the tin. It rehydrates your hair, smooths damage, split ends all that lovely smells lovely too! 

I know this is pretty expensive (well for me anyway, on a hair's a bit of a splurge, considering how many products and treatments and god knows what else I have for my hair!)

You can find this one Feel Unique for £31.85 here
I usually buy mine on Ebay or Amazon, as it tends to be a little cheaper, (£29.99) and the link for that

I'm going to be doing a post about my hair care at some point so I'll be putting some cheaper alternatives to the Moroccanoil in that post! 
Day 7: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

For bloggers and non bloggers alike..this goes without saying that this powder is the best powder on the market. I've been using this without fail since I was about 15! My mum's been using it for longer than she can remember, and I think I speak for most people in saying this is a definite repurchase. 

I think this costs about £3/4 I'm not entirely sure, but whatever the price, this is a complete bargain. 

It says that it has up to 5 hours shine control, but for me personally, I find this really does last all day. It sets my makeup, keeps me shine free and it really does minimise my pores. I struggle so much with enlarged pores..they are a mountain range just sat there on my face, m.a.s.s.i.v.e
This, alongside Benefit Porefessional which too is a great product, are the only products that I've tried so far that completely diminish the appearance of my massive pores.
This is a must must must have! 

For reference, I'm in the shade 'Peach Glow' 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lush Cosmetics Bubblegum Lip Scrub

While we're on the topic of Lush..I thought I would mention this little beauty, prior warning, Lush is going to appear a lot in my repurchase month! 

I'm sure many of you have tried the lush lip scrubs or heard of them! I particularly use this in winter when my lips are a lot dryer and more sensitive due to England's nippy weather! I find in the colder months, especially with darker lipsticks if you have dry skin on your lips it really, really sticks to it. Especially this autumn while I'm loving deep reds and plums at the moment this is just the ticket for scrubbing off the dry skin on your lips and getting your lips prep'd and primed for some lovely lippy! And it tastes lovely too! 
I'm pretty sure this will last me a while and this is the first pot that I've actually ever bought myself (my mum's pot suffered with some sneaky uses!) but I'm more than certain that I will be buying this again! 

Day 5: Lush Cosmetics Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask

On and off, I struggle with the odd crazy face demon spot, but quite often as I have quite large pores I get those little annoying blemishes that don't justify being called a spot but are just there, sat on my cheeks, thinking they are welcome!

Lush has always been so lovely, I love how friendly people are in there and the little sticker you get underneath the pot telling you who made your product! I'm going to be honest, I'm usually not too bothered if my products aren't all organic and all natural, but Lush is a special treat and just so super lovely! This is a gentle face mask so I use this as often as I want. This face mask is actually full of..garlic! At first I thought this was a joke, but it turns out garlic is amazing for your skin! 

This also has tea tree oil in which is great for blemishes and getting rid of them. Weirdly enough though, this really smells like grass? Well it does to me anyway! 
This is just plain and simply great! Does exactly what it says on the tin, actually banishes blemishes and visibly clears your skin up..this is pretty much a holy grail product for me, so I will 100% be repurchasing this when I run out! 

The one thing about lush products is they go off fairly quickly, which proves they are all natural..which I guess is a good thing, but bare that in mind as I have just wasted a pot or two of this putting it in my bathroom shelves and not using it quickly and as often as I should!
It says to keep this in the fridge, but to be honest I never have..just keep this out or direct sun light and you should be fine!
If you want something that works with those annoying little blemishes give this little pot a go! 

What are your favourite things from Lush?

Day 4: The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

I re-discovered this in summer when I wanted a body butter to take on holiday. I was in the body shop buying something and saw this and my love was came flooding back after smelling it. 
This is the thing that gets me though..sometimes I love the smell..then some days I think it so so sweet its almost's strange, but regardless I will repurchase

This is probably the best body butter that I have for my skin, its so rich and creamy, which is probably a good thing that I bought this again as in winter my skin gets so dry in the cold weather and needs all the help it can get. I would really, really recommend this in winter, which is strange as it's quite a nice summery scent, but the rich and creamy formula feels like it's really getting into your skin and hydrating it

For a body butter, at £13 it's not a bargain buy, but regardless I will be repurchasing this and honestly recommend this as you really don't need to use much as it's so thick and a little goes along way!

What Body Shop Butters do you recommend? 

Day 3: Batiste Dry Shampoo

I'm sure this isn't a shock to anyone on here as I'm pretty sure the world as his wife loves this, but this is repurchase month so there was no way that I couldn't not include dry shampoo! My hair is super thick and long so I get threw these like nobodies business. I love how much of an uplift this gives to 'day old hair' but I also love the volume and bounce that I get from this, I really couldn't live without dry shampoo, it completely refreshes my hair and puts some life back into it when I'm not washing it that day! 

At the moment I'm really like the Tropical one however I'm quite interested to try the paisley one, the funky packaging really caught my eye when I last saw it.
If you haven't tried this stuff before, want a new dry shampoo or simply what to try a dry shampoo out and see if it will work for you in between washes I would really recommend this one. I get mine at Superdrug or Boots or Tesco or whatever, it's everywhere! It's usually around £2.50/£3 and usually on offer actually! 

This is an over all winner and a must have for me, and it's sure to say that I will be repurchasing this! 

What's your favourite 'flavour'..?
Before I start on day 2 I have to apologise how late these are! I'm really crap at posting recently, I just seem to be so busy and there really isn't enough time in the day..but I will finish this month of posts if it kills me! Some may just be all in one big lot...not too often though I promise! 

Day 2: Soap And Glory- The Breakfast Scrub

Much like the St. Ives Blemish Fighting Scrub of day one, this is an all time favourite of mine. I've probably got through about 8 or 9 tubs of this since I first discovered this and it just smells INSANE. This is hands down my favourite product smell wise..if you haven't had a whiff of this little beauty, get yourself down to boots and smell it! 
Along with it smelling absolutely divine, after I use this my skin feels really soft and smooth, I usually use this around 2 times a week as more than that I think it would be slightly too harsh on my skin as it's quite a strong scrub on my skin. This is perfect before fake tanning as it really gets rid of all the dead skin! The packaging is super sturdy and keeps very well even if you get it wet all the time, which is always a plus. I've never had any experience with the packaging rubbing off either which is always nice! Since it is made with Shea Butter and Almond it's super good for your skin so you can't really go wrong! 
If you haven't tried this scrub before or anything from Soap and Glory I'd give this a go to convince you how divine the whole range is! I get mine from Boots and it's usually around £8.00, I'm pretty sure you can buy this online too though! For the price the quality is fab and you get a fair amount of product to last you a couple of months!

Let me know if you love this as much as I do!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Since it's the start of a new month I thought it was a fab opportunity to do something fun every day for a month! I racked my brains and looked on loads of blogs for some ideas and didn't really come up with much so I thought I would do something really simple so every day this month (starting on today on the 2nd but that's a tiny little detail we don't need to focus on!)

I'm going to do a post everyday on something I would 100% repurchase! 

And todays little gem is...St Ives Apricot Blemish Fighting Scrub

You can get this in all sorts of places. I usually by mine at my local Tesco or Boots or Superdrug or whatever! 
For the quality of this scrub it's surprising that it doesn't break the bank. It's usually around £3.99 which is such a good deal! The scrub smells divine and really fresh. It hasn't got the strongest scent in the world which I actually prefer as theres nothing worse than having a really strong smell around your nose! The scrub is oil free so it leaves your face feeling squeaky clean without being too heavy. The Salicylic Acid in the scrub is exactly what you want to look for in a cleanser or a scrub as thats what really gets into your pores and cleans them all out! I usually use this in the shower after either taking my makeup off or in the morning, it always leaves my skin so smooth and clean clean clean!

I don't think I could recommend this enough really, I've been using this now since about January and I haven't changed it up since.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Blog Update

Tuesday, October 01, 2013 2 Comments
Well as you have probably noticed I've had a little blog revamp! 
What do you think?!

Luckily for me, my boyfriend is actually a web developer so I get the luxury treatment without all the fuss! 
I'm getting pretty serious about my blog now and although its a slow process, I'm slowly getting there! I've funnily enough changed the course that I have in mind to fit around it and all the doors it can open for me! 
I just fancied something new. I've never been 100% happy with the design of my blog as I came up with it myself however now Ollie got his hands on it I'm so happy with it! 

I wanted something cleaner and more professional looking, something to be taken much more seriously and hopefully enjoyed even more!

I hope you all like it as much as I do!

I'm really loving cranberry, wine and plummy tones this season. I have the perfect plum lips to show you in a later post. 

I'm sure you're all very much in the loop on how amazing the Kate Moss range is for Rimmel, its some of the best in their range in my opinion and this lipstick in particular is no different and it's just a perfect autumn and winter colour! This is from Kate's range in the Lasting Finish collection and its in the shade '107'..such a shame it doesn't have a name! It's just absolutely gorgeous, and as a pale gal I'm very much appreciating the autumn and its lip colours! 

The packaging is super cute and so far has been holding up to be pretty sturdy in the depths of my often over flowing makeup bag. It doesn't need reapplying as often as I thought it would and I'd go as far as saying it might be up there in a dupe for Mac's Diva.

It has great staying power and is super, super pigmented. If you don't mind that dry feeling on your lips that matte lipsticks give you then that's all well and good but this is a matte lipstick so bare that in mind before trying it.

To wrap thing up, I'm totally in love with this lipstick and I've worn it for the past 5 days straight! If you're looking for a hot autumn lipstick I'd recommend this at an angelic price of £5.49..your purse will love you!

Let me know what you think!