Thursday, 19 June 2014

At the moment I'm having a naughty affair with my higher end products. I've only recently tried Mac's Pro Longwear foundation and concealer duo and oh my I love them! I'm going to do a follow up post of all drugstore dupes for the products mentioned which should be fun so keep your eyes peeled for that, as these are all quite high end! I'm really enjoying my Pro Longwear foundation, I work part time as a waitress at the moment so I'm often running around like a headless chicken. I can wear this foundation all day and it really doesn't budge. It's got a really good medium coverage and such a lovely 'demi matte' finish. 

Underneath my foundation I've been wearing my trusty Clinque Pore Minimizer as sadly, I've been 'blessed' with my mum's rather large pores, but this seriously does the trick, I seriously swear by this stuff, it's amazing. If you're not sure about using a primer, just grab a few samples next time you're at a counter to give them a whirl first, you'll be surprised on long they last you!

 I'm loving Rockateur on my fair skin tone for a really lush flush of rosy colour and sheen, although sadly so expensive, this is probably my holy grail blush...oops! As I'm sure you're all aware hoola is perfect for a little bit of contouring as it's completely matte...perfect! 

And just a little word to Mac's Soft and Gentle...Oh you beautiful thing!

What foundations are you loving at the moment?
Keep posted for a 'drugstore dupes' post of the products I'm using at the moment,
Stay lovely xxx

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer NC15
Mac Pro Longwear Foundation NC15
Clinque Pore Minimizer (sample size)
Mac Prep+Prime Skin Base (sample size)
Benefit Rockateur
Benefit Hoola
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in 'Soft and Gentle'

Thursday, 12 June 2014

  I was very kindly sent these products from Beauty UK to try out. I'm seriously impressed with what I was given!  I was sent the 'Posh Palette' in Galaxy. This retails at a really impressive price of £5.99. I was super impressed with these shawdows, they are a little 'dusty' but nothing you can't work with, they blend out really nicely and unlike most 'budget' palettes on the high street, theres a real vararity of colours in the palette so there's a fair few looks that you could make with this one. The shadows in the picture above have to be my favourite, bar from being slighly powdery they are super sparkly and just so gorgeous! I'm really looking forward to creating a few looks with these!  

 As you can see from this picture, the lightest two colours in the palette seemed to sort of, clog up once layered, and I have to say that these were the most powdery colours in the palette. As the colours get darker in the palette the better they become.  The warm, purpley toned shadows are super pigmented and really nicely blendable. (seen in swatch below) I love the mixture of the matte and shimmery shadows in this palette and I would highly recommened to anyone, on a budget or not that wanted to experient with some galaxy themed colours.
 One coat 
 Two coats 
 Now onto the nail varnishes, I was able to choose the colours that I was sent and I went for some quite summery bright colours to get me in the mood for the sunny weather! Again, I'm really impressed with these nail polishes and how inexpensive they are; especially with the white, it was completly opaque in just two coats, I'm seriously seriously impressed with these. I've tried many a white polish and I've found myself just having to layer and layer on the product before I got anywhere near the colour pay off of these. I'm wearing the teal blue colour on all my nails at the moment and have had it on now for about 3 days and it's still looking perfect and shiny! (£2.99 each)

  I was given a gorgous red/purple/berry lipstick from their range. It was super creamy and mousiterising. I'm really picky with lipsticks but I'm enjoying this one so far. I haven't yet worn it out the house so I can't comment on the staying power of it but I'll be sure to feature it in a post very soon to let you all know! (£3.49 each)

Finally I was given a new product from Beauty UK which looks awesome, like a little brow bar to go, and the small tweezers and brush that's included are always useful! I'm really gutted that the shades were abit too dark for me as I'm a blondie! Although I do have my hair ombre'd so I have my natural root colour showing through, these colours just didn't really suit my skin tone. This doens't go to say though that it's not a good product, I've been using the colourless wax everyday before using my normal eyebrow powder and I've noticed a real difference in how 'groomed' my brows looked, they just seem to stay in place a lot more. I personally think putting powder on your brows look the best and if you're not a fellow blondie, this little brow kit might be worth trying! (£3.99)

I'd like to thank Beauty UK very much for kindly sending me these products to review and I hope that if you try any of these out yourselves you'll enjoy them as much as have. I'll leave the links below to where you can buy these products.
I hope you're all staying lovely! xxx

Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette
Nail Polishes in White Out
Under the Heather
Tealed With a Kiss
Pink You've had Enough
Eyebrow Kit
Lipstick in 'Plumalicious'
Beauty UK is also available at Superdrug