Saturday, 25 January 2014

Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Review

I received this little package in this month's glossy box..woopiee! 
I vaguely remember trying a body scrub from this brand before so I can't really claim myself to be a massive fan, but I was super impressed with these under eye patches! 
Although I'm a beauty blogger and avid fan of everything hair and beauty, I'm really bad at eye stuff..eye cream, treatments whatever, I have to be honest, I don't use it; so I guess I was using these as an 'eye patch virgin' but never the less, I was super impressed!
You get 2 sets in the pack, they feel really weird when you first put them on, like a second, cold and wet under eye skin (really selling these here aren't I!)...but once you get over the first few minutes you can completely relax with them. 
You leave them on for half an hour, I sat with them for a little longer watching 24 hours in A&E and felt very relaxed indeed! 
These patches claim to reduce dark circles, puffiness and restore moisture. I don't really suffer from dark circles too badly, but defiantly have puffy under eyes and normal/dry skin and I have to say these really did the trick.  
I looked refreshed, felt refreshed, I would highly recommend these for a little under eye pamper and I will be repurchasing! 

Although I was lucky enough to get these in January's glossy box, which has had a beautiful makeover, you can get these as ASOS for £6.00...Bargain! 

What's your favourite eye pamper treat?