Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Urban Decay Shadow Box

First off, Urban Decay ALWAYS wins at packaging, especially for their more colourful palettes, I just love the purple abstract art on the cover of their Shadow Box. I do already have a few of these shades. If you own the Naked Palettes, you'll recognise a few of the shades (Smog, Blackout, Baked Cowboy etc..) but to be honest, I just really needed this for my collection! A few of the shades are a bit scary but I've been making use of them when I do a smokey black winged eye liner; I then smudge colours like the green and blue on my bottom lash line, then apply plenty of mascara; I love that look. 

As I'm sure were all aware, unless you've been hiding under a makeup free rock, Urban Decay is the bees knees when it comes to eyeshadows, and this little beauty is no exception. I swatched into a few of my favourite shades from the palette, and you can see how much of a punch they pack in the pictures below, I'm in love!
Has anyone else got the same amount of love for this as I do? Let me know in the comments below! 

Just look at this shine!