Sunday, 27 March 2016

Homeware Wishlist

I've always lusted over homeware, but ever since our house has had a large uphaul and update, I decided to do my room too! I'm planning on doing a little post featuring a few new things I got for my room and some photos! I'm super happy with it; however I SO wish I had listened to my mum and waited for the decorator to paint my room too as my god, trying to cover up a mixture of baby pink and deep pink was not a task I want to endure again! In my hunt for some things to pop into my new room, I had a look round my local Asda Home. I was so impressed! I would never really think to look in Asda for homeware, but theres some really good, inexpensive things to find in there! It's pretty eclectic too, which is really my sort of thing!'s a few little bits I would love to have laying around, and they are all nice and cheap too! 

Pineapple: Etsy
Pot Plants: Ikea
Cushion and Candles: Primark
Clock, Lavender and Skull: Asda Home.